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In 2002, Standpoint launched its Pathways to Freedom Project. The overall goal of this initiative is to improve the ability of legal advocates and systems professionals to provide effective, complex advocacy and services to immigrant victims of domestic and sexual violence. The objectives include: Outreach to immigrant communities and education about immigrant rights and services available; System’s change promoting laws, regulations and practices that most benefit immigrants victims of domestic and sexual violence; Direct services helping victims/survivors to access immigration relief available in the law, including providing support and representation to victims seeking U and T Visas, Removal of the Condition of Residency, Legal Permanent Residency, Violence Against Women Act Self-Petition and Citizenship, among other petitions.

State served: Minnesota

Services Provided

Are immigration legal services provided? Yes
Areas of immigration legal assistance: Adjustment of Status, Consular Processing, Employment authorization, T visas, U visas, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) petitions
Types of immigration legal services provided: Help completing forms, Filings with USCIS
Other areas of legal assistance: Family & Juvenile
Non-legal services: Referrals to other services
Populations served: Domestic Violence Victims, Human Trafficking Survivors, Individuals who are not in legal immigration status, Individuals with criminal histories, Individuals with physical/mental disabilities, Juveniles, Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender
Languages spoken: English, Laotian, Somali, Spanish, Thai, All languages through interpreter phone line
Access to a commercial interpreting service or language bank: Yes
Nominal fee charged? No
Other information: General services are available to victims of domestic and sexual violence. We assist with legal advice and potential representation with affirmative applications for immigrant victims of domestic and sexual violence.